Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

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PLEASE APPLY TO MSU BY NOVEMBER 1 OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL TO BE FULLY CONSIDERED FOR THE AWARDS LISTED BELOW. Follow this link for a full list of merit-based scholarships. The Honors College will be using the new MSU Scholarships system

All Honors College scholarships require good standing in the Honors College in order to be renewed, if applicable.

Honors College STATE Scholarship


Honors College Distinction Scholarship

Honors College Excellence Scholarship


Professorial Assistantships (PAs)
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Seevers Scholarships

Lewis W. Kaminga Alumni Scholar Award
Awarded to a limited number of Honors College invitees with outstanding academic records and superior performance on standardized tests.

Mowbray Scholars Program
The Mowbray Scholars Program